January 31, 2014

Weight Gain Caused Is Concern For One Out Of Every 10 Girls

In the first studies of its kind in Britain, was conducted on 7000 teenager, found that an overwhelming number of them concern the acquisition of fat, and already on the diet.
The study found that one out of every ten teenage girls suffer from severe anxiety to gain fat, while almost tried to lose weight by dieting, and they become interested in the early teens.
Although it was found that those who try to control their weight at such a young age, in fact, are more likely to be overweight.
Experts say, the results are of concern, where it proved that teenagers face a "toxic combination" of factors that cause them to worry about their weight at a younger age. For the age of 13 years, one out of every three girls and one out of every five children suffering from anxiety due to weight and body shape.

Study on Amanda Leto Scam says, More than half of girls’ fatty foods, and eating a quarter to reduce their diet by skipping meals, 27% of girls and 23% of boys exercise to reduce their weight.

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