January 31, 2014

Treatment For Adrenal Gland

Treatment depends remedy the lack of secretion of the adrenal gland mainly on compensation hormones that are from abroad, using cortisone in all kinds of shortages, whether acute or chronic, or a congenital or the result of another disease, but the hormone that controls the regulation of sodium and potassium are given in certain cases only in cases where the origin of the disease in the gland itself, not in the pituitary gland that control where or if there is a defect.
And it must be done under medical supervision remarkable balance between the necessary doses of cortisone, and at the same time so as not to affect the healthy growth of the child. The measure, which must be that the dose is calculated by the disappearance of the symptoms, as well as healthy growth as well as the lack of weight gain as cortisone overload stimulates the appetite.
Article Resource by John Barban, the Author of Venus Factor Review

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