February 10, 2014

Simple Tips For Better Fitness

1 - Put the goals set eyes
If you do not goals to achieve, you definitely will not of achieving them. Make sure you know what kind of results you would like to be achieved through the development of clear objectives. Develop a national timeframes and determine exactly your goals as much as possible. My goals always set your eyes and watch for your progress in achieving these goals by writing a weekly accomplishments.
2 - Being committed, and dress seriously
You must seriously if you want to change the body. In order to lose weight, you'll be in need of exercises "cardio" for 30 minutes five times per week along with some resistance exercises or power.

What is the weight-bearing exercise?

According to John Barban Program The basic weight-bearing exercises to build strong bones and maintain, which is about any activity you're doing while you're standing on your feet and legs, where these exercises move your muscles and bones reverse gravity. And while doing weight-bearing exercises, bones adapt to the weight of the weight and movement of muscles by building more bone cells. Thus the bones become stronger and more intense, while decreases the risk of fracture in the bone disease or osteoporosis.
And weight-bearing exercises include both of the following:
Walking, running, hiking
Aerobics exercises using small platform (Step Aerobics) and the rise of grades
Intramural sports including basketball and football
Racket games like tennis and racquetball

Weight lifting exercises
Although the swim and bike riding are among the exercises excellent, especially for the health of the heart and blood vessels, they do not promise to the weight-bearing exercises.

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