February 24, 2014

Fibrous tumors of the Breast Appear Between Puberty and Menopause – Fibroids Miracle

Amanda Leto author of Fibroids Miracle Program, the fibroids are solid and may be one or more, and may affect Addia, which usually does not hurt, pointing out that there could be some pain before the menstrual cycle directly, and be amenable to simple moving within the tissues of the breast, adding they range in size between 1 cm and 5 cm, and usually these fibroids begin to emerge in the period between puberty and menopause.
Amanda Leto author of Fibroids Miracle Review explained, that fibroids are benign tumors, usually because of the increased sensitivity of breast tissue to the hormone where that after consulting your doctor is the work of ultrasound, and are often the work of a sample with a needle inside the tumor tissue, and to determine the type of cells and making sure she tumor Levy.
Amanda Leto author of Fibroids Miracle Review pointed out that if a tumor livia, the next step determined in Fibroids Miracle Review either to eradicate the tumor and this is preferred in large tumors, or in women over 35 years old, or follow-up to the size of the tumor if continued its size in the increase be eradicated, and usually are follow-up examination clinical rays and sonar, and if exceeded 40 years of follow-up work can soak up mammogram.
Amanda Leto added that the size of the tumor does not exceed 5 cm, so does not affect the shape of the breast, not a contraction happens to part of the breast after him, and the wound is usually cosmetic and do not leave a mark on the breast.

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