February 10, 2014

Exercises To Burn Fat Waist And Leg - John Barban

There is a belief or myth - you name it - if you say you want to tighten the feet and buttocks must all your energy to exercises and lifting exercises different foot.
But the problem is that if he succeeded in building muscles with a soft smooth appearance will not notice it, especially if one were covered with layers of body fat.
And so that these exercises will help you to five tighten and strengthen the muscles of your body. You should practice these exercises three times a week. Repeat each exercise about 15 times and the GO Train to another and permeate these exercises Break does not drag on for 30 seconds.
Exercise with body wrap.
Stand on your feet and keep a distance between feet with hands extended in front of the chest. Nonlinear step in front of your foot to the left and nationalist wrap the trunk to the left at a time when there bend your knees and lower body so that both feet form a 90 degree angle. Repeat the exercise with the right. You can make the exercise ball with pregnancy or medical.
Exercise cut wood reverse
Hold the medicine ball with both hands to be along the right side. Keep a straight chest and lower the waist down and knees bent to the way a squat exercise. In one movement, nationalist to lift the ball from the waist to the top hand over the left shoulder with individual feet completely. Go back to the starting position. Repeat the exercise ten times before moving to the other side.

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