January 31, 2014

Endocrine Diseases in Children

The lack of thyroid disease is the lack of activity of the adrenal gland Adrenal Insufficiency months of endocrine diseases in children, and also offer disease called Addison Disease Edison proportion of the English doctor Thomas Edison that someone symptoms shortage as a separate disease in the mid-nineteenth century.

The reasons for the lack of activity of the adrenal gland may be either congenital adrenal gland itself or in the pituitary gland, which controls the work, or acquired. Occurrence causes acquired for a lot of reasons, mostly the result of therapeutic reasons where that frequent exposure to external cortisone to treat a particular disease can inhibit the activity of hormones that control the organization of the work of the adrenal gland. In some cases, especially in developed countries could be the reason is a disease immune-therapy destroys the adrenal gland, whether individually, or be within immune disease adversely affect the activity of many glands, such as low thyroid activity Neighbor thyroid as well as a lot of symptoms such as skin infections and lack of activity Members venereal disease, and others.
Information shared by John Barban, the Author of Venus Factor Program

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