February 27, 2014

Do fibroids affect the uterus on the chances of pregnancy? – Fibroids Miracle Review

What's the impact on the chances of pregnancy fibrous tumors, and tumors that hinder the quality of a pregnancy? These questions and others included in the consultation of Fibroids Miracle, which sent us a reader, says: I am married to three months and when my review of worker did not tell me anything, but she gave me a cure and when my review for the second time to a doctor again, she said that when tumor Levy outside the womb, and size of 7x6.8 7, The third time I went to another specialist said to me that it must be carried out surgery to remove the tumor.

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Completed, now I want to know you should be conducted surgery or not? Please note that I do not have children? Does this delay affect the pregnancy? Is it possible to delay the process, after the occurrence of pregnancy and childbirth, please clarify on behalf of Fibroids Miracle?

Replied by Amanda Leto, saying there are some cases that could delay the removal of the tumor beyond pregnancy, especially in the case of being away from the fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries, pointing out that he must first make sure that two things are important before deciding to remove the tumor now, or waiting for a first pregnancy.

Make sure the safety of the pipe and make sure not to pressure the tumor on any of them, which leads to explaining that this is done through an X-ray dye, or telescope through which pumped dye within each tube, and make sure he left the other hand, a means no clogging pipes.
The need to confirm the size of the tumor and its proximity to the uterus and eggs, explaining that in the case of a soon to a certain degree of any of them, preferably surgically removed so as not to strain the pregnancy in case it occurs, which may lead to abortion.

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